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Introduction to precision machining

Classification:Industry Dynamics Release time:2021-09-09 28

Precision machining is a kind of machining. It is a machining process in which the machined parts meet the line position tolerance required by the drawing. When the workpiece carries out this process, it will change its own performance characteristics and shape structure.

With the development and progress of domestic industry, machining has changed a lot, and precision machining technology has also come to the fore. Products used in many industries, such as household appliances, automobiles, hardware and medical manufacturing, more or less use precision parts. It may be just a spare part or a core component in Mechanical equipment. In a word, it is very important and plays an irreplaceable role.

There are two processes for precision machining and manufacturing. One is hot machining and the other is cold machining. Hot machining makes the parts undergo chemical or physical changes under very warm conditions through heat treatment to meet the requirements of shape change. Cold working is to meet the requirements of shape change without chemical and physical changes at room temperature. Generally, cutting technology is adopted. In the future, on the premise of meeting processing and environmental protection, precision machining will be combined with science and technology to become an important and sustainable science.