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Function of precision machining process

Classification:Industry Dynamics Release time:2021-09-09 21

Role of precision machining process:

1、 Main technical documents guiding production

The production planning and scheduling of the machining workshop, the operation of workers, the processing quality inspection of parts and the accounting of processing costs are all based on the process regulations. The process regulations are often used as the common basis for dealing with problems in production. For example, the responsibilities of relevant units and personnel shall be determined according to the process regulations when dealing with quality accidents.

2、 Main basis for production preparation

When the workshop wants to produce new parts, it must first formulate the machining process specification of the parts, and then prepare for production according to the process specification, such as the analysis and research of key processes in the machining process of new parts; Prepare necessary knives, clamps and measuring tools; Procurement or manufacturing of raw materials and blanks; The purchase of new equipment or modification of old equipment shall be carried out according to the process.