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Factors affecting machining safety

Classification:Industry Dynamics Release time:2021-09-09 25

With the rapid development of China's economy, machining occupies an important position in the current industrial production. However, there are still many safety factors affecting machining. What are the factors affecting machining safety?

1、 Environmental factors

Among the factors affecting the safety of machining, the impact from environmental factors is very obvious. Environmental factors include lighting, temperature and humidity and noise, which will affect the safety of machining.

01. The lighting equipment in the machining workshop shall be reasonably designed and arranged to ensure the scientific rationality of lighting. Otherwise, it will affect the staff and be prone to safety accidents.

02. If the machining environment is very bad and the staff work in this environment for a long time, it will seriously affect the health of the staff.

03. The poor machining environment will affect the service performance of machining equipment. When the machining equipment reaches the acceptable limit, it is easy to produce safety accidents.

2、 Operation specification

All machining plants have a set of mature machining operation specifications. Whether the operators process according to the relevant operation specifications will affect the safe production of machining.