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Measures for deformation treatment in machining process

Classification:Company News Release time:2021-09-09 38

The machined workpiece is affected by internal and external factors, and a series of deformation will occur in the machining process of mechanical parts. In order to solve these different deformation conditions, different machining methods need to be applied, and the elastic deformation of parts can be well controlled through the reasonable response to the external force. In the process of construction design, it is necessary to apply reasonable measures, use professional tools, ensure the reduction of mechanical deformation, improve the overall anti-interference ability of mechanical parts, do a good job in the heat treatment of mechanical parts, and carry out effective treatment according to the subsequent deformation.

During the processing of rough mechanical parts, in order to improve the product quality, the participation ability of internal parts shall be minimized to ensure the smooth completion of machining. After the processing of mechanical parts, it is necessary to control the natural bending degree of mechanical parts, apply reasonable methods, and realize the processing and correction of parts. Through the application of heat treatment method, the rigidity of mechanical parts is increased, the effective control of mechanical deformation degree is ensured, and excessive deformation of parts is avoided.

During the construction of machining equipment, we need to do a good job in the design and optimization of machined parts. In the process of parts design, we should master and analyze the mechanical structure, reasonably analyze the machining range of mechanical parts, realize the change control of parts stiffness, and avoid the deformation of mechanical parts, so as to avoid problems in the machining process, Realize the reasonable layout of each part.

In the processing process, the machining equipment shall control the processing steps to ensure the accuracy and meticulous division of labor. In the processing process of mechanical parts, attention shall be paid to the deformation of mechanical parts. Carry out the application of scientific processing methods, the application of internal stress elimination related processes, and the reduction of residual stress of mechanical parts. During the processing of mechanical parts, it is necessary to effectively distinguish the processing procedures, ensure the benchmark control of mechanical parts, and do a good job in the later cleaning of mechanical parts.