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The relationship between part accuracy and process in the machining process of precision mechanical parts

Classification:Company News Release time:2021-09-09 37

In the process of machining precision mechanical parts, the part accuracy has a great relationship with the process. What are the specific effects?

1、NC programming should determine the origin of programming. Whether the origin selection is appropriate affects the precision of precision hardware processing, which can avoid the processing error caused by size conversion. Secondly, operators need to do a good job in data processing in the programming system, and its reasonable degree affects the accuracy of contour trajectory of precision parts. This link also needs to do well in the node calculation of programming, so as to select the correct processing route. Then, the operator should select the appropriate interpolation method. When it is reduced to a certain number, the machine tool will appear dislocation and movement, which will affect the accuracy of precision hardware processing.

2、 In the process of parts processing, some work is completed manually by operators, such as cutting and grinding. This piece will inevitably have a certain degree of deviation, resulting in geometric accuracy errors in the processing of precision mechanical parts. The accuracy of the tool will affect the accuracy of the part. When the tool is cutting, the tool surface and blade will rub with the part. Over time, the tool will wear to a certain extent. When the wear area is large, the friction value between the tool and the part will increase, and the vibration amplitude of the tool in the cutting work will increase, resulting in the change of the cutting shape of precision hardware parts.

In order to solve this problem, technicians need to improve the wear resistance and installation accuracy of cutting tools. In the process of daily use, strengthen the maintenance and repair of the cutting tools, and use the compensation device to compensate the worn parts. In addition, the machine tool is in continuous operation during the processing of precision mechanical parts, and the spindle will have rotation error in long-term operation. When the spindle deviates from the standard axis, the relative position of part processing will change, which will affect the flatness of part surface and lead to error in part accuracy.